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Lori Owicz

I work in different mediums, including found object sculptures and painting.

Saving the planet, one nut at a time. My found object sculptures are assemblages recovering a part of lost and forgotten history, creating new purpose. An old machine part, a discarded percolator, a piece of insulated wire—these discarded discoveries, no longer wanted by others, are my inspiration, my toy box. My pieces evoke whimsy and invoke a question. Is all our waste necessary? Laugh, enjoy, and contemplate—my aim is to create conversation. 

Mash-ups. My painting medium includes acrylic, pastel, ink, and stress, with a good deal of texture thrown in for good measure. Dogs, flowers, birds, kooky people, my paintings are expressions of my life—sometimes dark and lonely, sometimes funny, often quirky, regularly mischievous. I tend to take life too seriously. My painting helps me find perspective. The canvas helps me capture and hold in place—even if only for a moment—the boogeyman, the inner demon, the spinning, churning thoughts, and the fun.